Compliance GAP Analysis

understanding where you are is the start

No matter what size organization you are or where your I.T. and cyber maturity  capabilities lie the first step is to get a true understanding of where you are and what it will take to close the gap on compliance

The key first step to improving your organization’s Cyber Maturity and becoming compliant with NIST SP 800-171, DFARS 252.204-7012, ITAR, and other critical Cyber Security focused standards is to fully understand where you are right now and what needs to change to meet your goals and the laws you are required to comply with.


Cut through the confusion of compliance and cyber security. There is no fee or obligation to find out how we can help.

There is a lot of noise in the market regarding cyber security and compliance when it comes to doing business with the Department of Defense and the Government. The challenge for any size organization is being able to fully understand all of the required compliance standards that you must comply with and that are included in your contracts.  You must understand how these rules and controls apply to your specific organization, and what the best way is to achieve compliance effectively and efficiently. It is critical to start any compliance process with a GAP Analysis to get a true documented understanding of where you are now and what you must do in order to achieve full compliance with the specific standards you are required to meet. In addition to this understanding, it is critical to get help understanding how each compliance control will affect the way you do business and the impact it will have on both operations and cost. The fastest and most successful way to achieve and maintain compliance is with a planned approach that starts with our Compliance GAP Analysis.

With A Compliance GAP Analysis From On Call Computer Solutions You Will Get:

  • A Customized Plan To Eliminate Excessive Spending And Wasted Time
  • A Complete Documented Understanding Of Where You Are Now And What You Must Do To Become Fully Compliant
  • Expert Guidance That Can Reduce Your Time To Understanding From 6-18 Months To 1-2 Days
  • Complete Network Documentation And Network Asset List As Required By NIST SP 800-171 (FREE For First Time GAP Analysis Clients)
  • A Documented Network And Risk Assessment As Required By NIST SP 800-171 (FREE For First Time GAP Analysis Clients)
  • 30 Days Of Follow Up Assistance By Phone And Email Complimentary With Any Compliance GAP Analysis To Ensure You Are Successful With Implementing Changes And Have Our Expert Support After Your Consultation.
  • Optional On-Site Facility / Premise Security Assistance For Larger Facilities And Manufacturers Where Required To Meet Compliance Controls.

The Time To Get started is now

you must get a plan of action in place or risk losing your contracts

The DoD has made it clear through their implementation of the CMMC that compliance and cyber security are not just the law, they will soon be a baseline requirement to bid and do business. No matter how good your relationships are, without having evidence that you are compliant you will not be qualified to do business with the DoD in the near future and will be disqualified from bidding. Give us a call or fill out the form below and let’s get started on your path to operating within compliance.

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