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Everyone has their specialty. Ours is office 365 gcc and gcc high setup and migration. We speak your language and understand your challenges. We know how to solve them… fast AND help you set the right expectations for end users and clients while providing a smooth effortless transition.

You’ve just been told that you or your client’s current Office 365 commercial or other email/collaboration solution does not comply with government regulations. The good news… Microsoft has a special edition of Office 365 called GCC/GCC High. The bad news… you’re going to have to migrate… everything. Sounds super easy right? 

Until you start looking at what it actually takes to make the move…. whoa, this doesn’t sound like the point click and pay Office 365 commercial setup I’m used to. In fact… I’m not even sure what the migration path really looks like… time to escalate to On Call!


It costs nothing to find out how we can help. Each organization has it’s own unique challenges and path to achieving a successful migration. The first step to getting this solved is a simple phone call you can make right now.

If you or your clients are handling CUI, Covered Defense Information, ITAR, Law Enforcement sensitive, CJIS, NERC/FERC, or other sensitive information and need to make the move to Office 365 GCC or GCC High in order to meet compliance mandates you may have found that this move is not so easy.

If you are in I.T. and need assistance with this we can help right now. Our setup and migration experts have an in depth understanding of every step of this complex process and can guide you through step by step easily and smoothly. On Call is able to deploy resources and experts rapidly and get problems solved in days instead of months making you into a super star. 

With An On Call Office 365 GCC or Office 365 GCC High Expert By Your Side You Will Get:

  • An outside expert who speaks your language and can connect the dots or even do it all for you.
  • An opportunity for 3rd party audit and review of your environment pre-migration to make sure unexpected data isn’t lost.
  • A concrete understanding of what you must do to be compliant while avoiding expensive pitfalls… Just making the move may not get you fully compliant.
  • An end to guess work and assumptions. On call has a purpose built team that does nothing but Office 365 GCC and Office 365 GCC High migrations. We have a highly refined process for getting it done in the fastest time possible and even provide you with guidance for exactly how to discuss and set expectations with clients and end users about how the migration will go so everyone knows the plan. We don’t guess about answers. We know exactly who to go to and what to do.
  • A true partner in your success. Our experts are always “On call” for our partners. We don’t bill by the minute or when we take phone calls. For over 17+ years on call has been built on a platform of partnering with our clients as their trusted advisors. We’re here to support your mission… Without the nickel and dime.

Backed by an award-winning cyber security and IT management team, On Call Computer Solutions is the #1 source for Office 365 GCC and Office 365 GCC High Migrations. Give us a call now to schedule a free phone call with one of our migration  experts to see how
we can help.

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